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Torigen Pharmaceuticals


Leading the Pack in Companion Animal Immuno-oncology


Torigen Pharmaceuticals is a company focused on being at the forefront of immuno-oncology innovation.  We strive to bring novel approaches to the market to tackle companion animal cancers, building on years of existing scientific research and pushing the boundaries of innovation.



What are tissue vaccines?

Tissue vaccines represent an expansion on the idea of whole cell vaccines. Tissue vaccines are produced directly from harvested tumor material and do not undergo in vitro culture to select tumor cell clones. In this regard, tissue vaccines include an enormous menu of antigen targets composed of various stages of an evolving, growing population of cancer cells; antigens associated with an evolving and expanding extracellular matrix; and antigens expressed uniquely in vivo but not in vitro.


Our Approach

Our approach to autologous immunotherapies is to utilize a portion of the patient’s own tumor to create a personalized treatment. The mechanism of action is currently being studied in clinical patients, however, rodents studies demonstrate that our approach stimulates a Th1 directed immune response of immunostimulatory cytokines. These then activate CD8+ cytotoxic T cells against deactivated tumor associated antigens, thus, recognizing the tumor as foreign.


Torigen Pharmaceuticals
 R&D Pipeline

With multiple technologies currently in development, Torigen Pharmaceuticals will continue to progress immuno-oncology technology, commercializing innovative new approaches to empower veterinarians around the world to tackle companion animal cancer.

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Experimental Autologous Cancer Vaccine

Our experimental autologous cancer vaccine uses the animal's own tumor cells to create a personalized immunotherapy. 

The experimental autologous cancer vaccine is regulated by the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics. For use under supervision/prescription of a licensed veterinarian. Efficacy has not been established. 

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Other Technologies

In addition to our experimental autologous cancer vaccine, Torigen Pharmaceuticals has a strong research and development pipeline. By leading with a strong commitment to research, we are able to leverage the veterinary field and provide novel advances to the immuno-oncology space. 

More information will be provided upon request.

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