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What is it?

Changing the way cancer is treated

Immunotherapy for your practice

Cancer can be difficult to treat because tumors produce antigens that affect the body’s own natural immune surveillance mechanisms for identifying and destroying foreign cells. Immunotherapies are gaining traction as a new way to approach cancer treatment in both the human and veterinary market.

Torigen offers an autologous prescription product for dogs and cats that uses the animal’s own tumor cells to create a personalized immunotherapy. It comes with a simple protocol, and can be used alone or with traditional cancer treatments. Now, you can offer a personalized cancer treatment at an affordable price, all within your practice.


Why Use it?


Our treatment is a whole-cell tissue vaccine, which works by generating specific adaptive immunity to both tumor cells and altered host tissues.


Broad Spectrum

Contains a variety of antigen targets for the immune system.

Diverse Applications

Includes the necessary components to potentiate an immune response against multiple cancer types.


Considerably less expensive when compared to other available cancer treatment options.


As Easy as 1-2-3

Once you’ve determined that the tumor meets the eligibility criteria, it’s time to collect a sample so that we can create the treatment for your patient.


Step 1

Excise the tumor and send it to our lab using our pre-paid overnight shipping service.

NOTE: The tumor sample must be kept cold, and not formalin fixed.


Step 2

We prepare the personalized vaccine and send it back to your clinic within 72 hours via overnight shipping.


Step 3

You administer the personalized treatment by subcutaneous injection every week for three weeks.

The patient is monitored for just 30 minutes after vaccination, so it’s easy for your clients to fit treatment into their schedule.


Eligibility Criteria


In order to create the treatment for your patient, the tumor must meet the following criteria:


• Pathology has confirmed cancer diagnosis

• Tumor can be surgically excised to create an ideal sample that is:

• Collected from the margin of the tumor

• Made of pseudocapsule and non-necrotic tissue

• At least 2-5 grams (1-5 cubic centimeters)

• Cancer has been diagnosed as:

• Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma

• Fibrosarcoma

• Mast Cell Tumors

• Melanoma

• Soft Tissue Sarcoma

• Carcinoma

• Basal Cell

• Hepatocellular

• Nasal

• Mammary

• Squamous Cell

• Transitional Cell

*Additional tumor types are considered. Please contact us to discuss further.



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Contact us to order your kit free of charge

Once requested, you’ll receive instructions, as well as additional information regarding treatment. 

NOTE: The tumor sample must be kept cold, and not formalin fixed.