Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer


Immunotherapies are growing traction in both the human and veterinary market as a sole, or adjunct treatment to chemotherapy and/or radiation. With over 10 years of supporting pre-clinical research, our treatment is a whole cell tissue vaccine. Treatments like these allow for a variety of tumor associated antigens to be presented to the immune system. This abundant choice of antigens may increase the likelihood of a successful response.


Immunotherapeutic approaches to cancer are emerging that will complement surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy by generating specific adaptive immunity to both tumor cells and altered host tissues. Tumors evade normal immune surveillance mechanisms through a variety of means. Some of these include interfering with dendritic cell antigen presentation, down regulation of cytokines that can destroy tumor cells, stimulation of regulatory (suppressor) T cells, and by altering host tissue to further mask it from the immune system. Our goal at Torigen is to develop innovative veterinary cancer treatments that allow for the body to recognize tumor-associated antigens as foreign and overcome immune senescence. 

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